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We are really pleased to have our independent Pop-Up Adventure Playground and Pop-Up Play Shop organisers write on our blog as guest writers. So pleased in fact that we have corralled all the posts onto one page! Read the reflections of these first time organisers and be inspired to host your very own Pop-Up Adventure Playground too. Register today!

North America
Fort Myers, FL, USA - Julia Kroeker
Boston, MA, USA - Erica Quigley
Newton, KS, USA - Beverly Baumgartner
Portland, OR, USA - Jess Graff
Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada - The Lion and The Mouse Team
Gainsville, FL, USA - Nicole Wulff
Newtown, CT, USA - Kelly Paredes
Brooklyn, NY, USA - Alex Khost
Seattle, WA, USA - Sara Mirabito
New Haven, CT, USA - Wendy Garcia
Los Angeles, CA, USA - Jane Park Woo

Salford, UK - David Stonehouse
London, UK - Sarah McCalden
Conwy, Wales - CVSC Play Development Team

Hurstbridge, VIC - Nicole Burke
Swan Hill, VIC - Joelle Whiting

Singapore - Louise Wark
Singapore - Chapter Zero
Hong Kong - Louise Bensen

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